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Homeowner and Residential Drinking Water, Groundwater, Spring Water Testing
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Residential Water Supply and Homeowner Drinking Water
Testing Evaluation Program- Water Testing Kits

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Water Research Center

Residential Private Well Owner Water Supply and Homeowner Drinking Water
Testing Evaluation Program

Drinking Water Testing Kits

Mr. Brian Oram, PG
B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.

Baseline Testing - Natural Gas Development
Water Testing Real Estate Transfers- Water Testing Kits
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Environmental Education and Outreach - Drinking water testing and analysis services provided by a national testing laboratories or certified/licensed professionals.  The residential water testing program includes analysis for common water quality problems, microbiological contamination, and makes recommendations regarding the potential need for water treatment devices, such as: softeners, reverse osmosis units, distillation, neutralizers, chlorination systems, ultraviolet or UV systems. As part of the Water Research Center continuing efforts of environmental education, the following programs and pages were established:

Homeowner Evaluation Program
Homeowner Education Program
Self-Monitoring Testing Kits and Meters - screen samples at home.

Homeowner Evaluation Programs - Get Your Water Tested
 with OUR Water Testing Kits

For Homeowners ONLY (Not for regulatory use !)
If you are looking for Baseline Testing Related to Natural Gas Development (click here)

Education Program

The Water Research Center is making available a number of free informational documents related to common drink water quality issues and problems, such as: Giardia cysts, Crytpsporidium, nitrates, lead, corrosion, bacteria and much more.  Below are three more detailed reports, but more information can be found at the help desk.    We are also available conduct Community Based or Regional Water Quality / Private Well Owner Education Programs, Watershed Based Assessments, and aid in Developing Baseline/Regional Testing Programs - schedule a Workshop.

 The informational documents that are available include:

The Water Library - Pdf files on Water Issues and Topics - A lot of Free Information pdf files, docs and html pages
Online Reference Library - Water Treatment, Septic System, Bioterrorism - Free Articles, Links to Other Website, and Low Cost Reference Materials - (leads to off site links)
Report #1: Giardia and Crytosporidium and Waterborne Disease
Report #2: Nitrates: Health Hazard
Report #3: Lead in Drinking Water
Methane Gas Migration
Barium in Drinking Water
Lithium in Drinking Water
The Drinking Water Helpguide - Free Information on Bacteria, Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Odors, Discolored Water, and Much More.
Do It Yourself - Drinking Water Treatment Systems


Online Training Courses

LEED- AP / Green Associate Training/
Professional Development Hours Courses


For More information about the Water Research Center, 
please contact:

 Attn: Mr. Brian Oram, Professional Geologist (PG)
Water Research Center
B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.
15 Hillcrest Drive
Dallas, PA 18612


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