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Bio-Terrorism- Natural Gas Development,
Chemical and Biological Warfare 
Hazards, Training, and Protection of Drinking Water Quality

Environmental Management Terrorism Training Programs


This website is a Jump Station for Information on BioTerroism, Chemical Warfare, and Source Water Protection.  We have provided links to some of the best Government and Non-Governmental Websites and Online Library and Bookstores to assist you in your search for information.  


Featured Training Program in Terrorism

Bioterroism - Use of Biological Agents

Emergency Response to Terrorism

Agricultural Agents Threats and Responses

Training In Environmental Management, Hazardous Waste, Waste Management

References - Strongly Recommend

Water Supply Risk and Vulnerability Analysis- Great Resource !

Options for Remote Monitoring and Control 
of Small Drinking Water Facilities
-- Great Resource !

Health Advisories for Drinking Water Contaminants: 
U. S. EPA Office of Water Health Advisories

Issues in Potable Reuse: The Viability of Augmenting Drinking Water Supplies with Reclaimed Water

Operational Guide to Awwa Standard G300, Source Water Protection

Unconventional Gas Shales: Development, Technology, and Policy Issues  - Great Resource !


Chemical Injury and Warfare Agents

Toxicity of the Organophosphate Chemical Warfare Agents GA, GB, and VX: Implications for Public Protection

The Chemical Injury Information Network

Chemical Warfare Agents

Chemical/ Biological Warfare Agents

Chemical and Biological Weapons: New Questions, New Answers

Germs: Biological Weapons

First Responded Chem-Bio Handbook

US Army Survival Manual

Chem-Bio: Frequently Asked Questions

Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Protection
Against Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents

Medical Information

National Library Of Medicine: Specialized Information Services

E-Medicine - Warfare Agents

Association of Birth Defect Children

Biosensors and Other Medical and Environmental Probes 

Anthrax Information: The Investigation of a Deadly Outbreak


Water Supply Information

Safe Drinking Water

The protection of water in times of armed conflict

Waterline: Products: Carbon Systems: Specialty Impregnated

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Early Warning Systems for Hazardous Biological Agents in Potable Water

Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation

Nuclear Agent Removal

Combating Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Terrorism : A
Comprehensive Strategy : A Report of the Sis Homeland Defense Project)

Water : The Ultimate Cure : Discover Why Water Is the Most
Important Ingredient in Your Diet and Find Out Which Water Is Right
for You


Manage Your Stress and Dealing With the New World 

Training - Become a Corporate Consultant in Stress and Time Management

Managing Stress

Living Terrors: What America Needs to Know to Survive the Coming
Bioterrorist Catastrophe

Dealing with Stress after Disaster

Deal with Stress Fear and Anger

The Wellness Center: Information and Service

Related Subjects

Usama Bin Laden's Al-Qaida : Profile of a Terrorist Network

Politics of Chemical Warfare

New Face of Terrorism


 For information on Community Based Wellhead Protection Plans
Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Other Resources, click here!

New Online Training Courses for Professional
LEED- AP / Green Associate Training/ Professional Development Hours Courses
 Health and Safety Training - Chemical Handling and Disposal
 Engineering, Construction, and Electrical Training Programs
 Farm-Agricultural - Rural Business Education
 Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Design, Operation, and Management
Radon Measurement Training Course
Asbestos Training Course
Home Inspector Certification Program


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