We have been involved with a number of bench scale and full scale product evaluations and product development.  The following is a partial listing of this effort:

A few of Our Projects that have been Completed:

Evaluation and Development of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Systems
Evaluation of Commerical R/O, Water Softening, and Distillation Systems
Development of Treatment Systems to Manage Phosphate
Evaluation of a Constructed Wetland System for Milkhouse Waste
Design of Constructed Wetland Systems for Wastewater Management
Ionization and Electrolysis Treatment Systems
Evaluation of an Electrochemical Water Treatment System
Evaluation and Development of Arsenic Treatment Systems from 1 mg/L to < 5 ppb
Diatomaceous Earth Filtration System for Pathogen Reduction
Constructed Wetland System for Mine Drainage
Mine Water Treatment and Geothermal Systems
Well Biofouling Monitoring and Treatment
Evaluation of Portable Water Treatment Pen
Evaluation of Treatment Systems for Removal and Control of Arsenic and Phosphate
Carbon Filtration Systems and more.

Water Treatment Systems

Water Softeners
Arsenic Treatment Systems
ommerical Water Treatment Systems
Commercial Water Filters are ideal Filtration Systems for removing many water contaminants
on large scale in places such as large private residences (over 4000 sq. feet), businesses,
manufacturing facilities, apartment buildings, retail establishments, restaurants and schools.

Iron/ Manganese Removal
Nitrate Removal
Sulfur Treatment and Control
Shower Filters
Particle Filtration Systems - Under the Counter Units and Counter Top Units
and Water Cooler Systems

Under the Counter Unit Undersink Triple Ultrafiltration Water Purification System with 8 stages that uses a UF membrane to remove bacteria and biological pathogens for areas such as well water. 3 cartridges that also feature a solid carbon cartridge, and our top of the line 6-stage cartridge containing the Coconut Shell Carbon(GAC) and KDF resin layers.

Acid-Neutralizing System with automatic backwash

Aquios or NuVoH20- salt free hardness reduction - only for moderate reductions
(Water Testing Highly Recommended)

Industrial Scale - Water Treatment Systems  (R/O Unit - 10,000 gpd)

Whole House Water Treatment Systems

We offer a wide range of Whole House Water Filters and Home Filtration Systems, for city and well water. Budget home water systems are great for aparments, townhomes and small homes. Large residential water filter systems can be used in average to larger homes and small businesses that use city water. Specialty and Well water systems are designed for well water or specific water problems.


Training Programs

Engineers and Water Treatment Professionals (CEU/ PDH)
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