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The Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (C-SAW) is a team of specialists who provide eligible watershed groups, environmental groups, or local grassroots project sponsors Program Management and Scientific Technical Assistance through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (PADEP) Growing Greener Program. The service is at no cost to eligible groups.   At present there are eight partners that are members of the C-SAW Program. 

The C-SAW program is operated by the Pocono-Northeast RC&D.   The Pocono Northeast Resource Conservation & Development Council (RC&D) is a publicly supported nonprofit (IRS-501c3) organization serving ten counties in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.  The goal for C-SAW is to transfer knowledge and skills to watershed groups or local sponsors thereby helping to build their capacity to plan and conduct watershed assessments, and conduct post-implementation monitoring. C-SAW can provide:

  • Specialists who can help identify solutions and assist your group in the development of monitoring programs, restoration projects, and plans for protection.
  • Training or conducting assessments and developing restoration projects and protection plans.

C-SAW can also provide watershed organizations with assistance in watershed assessments and science related to:

  • Surface water and groundwater resources
  • Sediment Mapping and Analysis (Metals, Nutrients, and More)
  • Ambient and event monitoring - Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring
  • Biological and habitat assessment
  • Water Quality Testing -Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) Programs
  • Microbiology
  • Surface water and ground water interactions and regional groundwater database.
  • Atmospheric deposition and Wellhead or Well Field Protection Plans
  • Agricultural and urban impact issues
  • Lake monitoring and Watershed monitoring
  • Stormwater Management - BMP Selection
  • Soils evaluations and training in soil science
  • Abandoned mine discharge, restoration, and treatment
  • Wetlands and Hydric Soils
  • Abandon Oil and Gas Wells

In addition, C-SAW can point eligible organizations to assistance provided by other technical experts or service providers through Growing Greener.   C-SAW is not designed to conduct monitoring or assessments for watershed organizations. Rather, C-SAW hopes to help watershed organizations do a better job in their own monitoring and assessment.

Who is eligible? - Parties who are eligible to apply for Growing Greener Grants are eligible to receive assistance through C-SAW. Those parties include:

  • Incorporated watershed organizations recognized by PADEP and established to promote local watershed conservation efforts
  • Counties, municipalities, and their subdivisions
  • County Conservation Districts
  • Charitable organizations or educational institutions involved in research, restoration, rehabilitation, planning, acquisition, development or other activities that further the protection, enhancement, conservation, and preservation of Pennsylvania's environmental resources.

In addition, the project must be one that addresses non-point sources of pollution, mining restoration, or oil and gas well plugging.
C-SAW assistance is available at NO COST to eligible groups.

More Information - If you would like more information about the program, send an email to Brian Oram.   You can download the assistance request form by clicking this link - Download (pdf file)

Prior to joining the C-SAW Program, Wilkes University was involved in a number of watershed and environmental monitoring, educational, and research partnerships and actively involved in developing web-based educational materials. The following are the main online resources provided by Wilkes University through the Center for Environmental Quality.

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