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Mr. Brian Oram is a licensed professional geologist and soil scientist with over 25 years experience in applied earth and environmental sciences. 

Mr. Oram has conducted research and consulting projects related to acid mine drainage ( AMD ), mine drainage, lake and stream monitoring programs, wetland creation and monitoring, filtration plant performance evaluations, testing new point of use water treatment devices and systems, hydrogeological evaluations, geological investigations, soils testing, soil morphological evaluations, water well drilling and construction, drinking water testing, mail order water testing kit program, private well water testing programs, and land reclamation. Mr. Oram has also been involved with Citizen Monitoring and other Environmental Training Programs for groups within the United States, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union.  Mr. Oram has been educating private well owners for free for over 25 years.  There is no charge to use this website for your educational needs.  We do ask that if you please contact us before downloading any powerpoint presentations or other content.  All content is copyright protected.

The following contains background information related to common drinking water sources of contamination, acute and chronic health problems, health advisories, and aesthetic problems associated with drinking water.   We have put this website together in order to inform the public on a variety of topics and assist you with your water testing needs and information related to certified baseline water testing throughout the country.  The Water Research Center is an outreach programs developed by Mr. Brian Oram. This guide has been divided into a number of sections that covers general water quality problems, such as hardness, iron, manganese, bacteria, odor, and corrosion;  more significant issues related to other metals, organics, and radiological is also provided.   Because of Black Shale Development throughout the United States, we have provided links to some videos and presentations we have conducted on this topic and others that will help you better understand the process. 

A Quick Note-  I am asked if I am pro or against natural gas development - My answer is NO.  I am pro-landowner rights, protecting private well owners, solid energy policies, conservation, regulations, fining individuals and companies that do the wrong thing, and maintaining PA as a great place to raise a family.

Why does this website exist?  The main reason is that most private wells and small water systems are not regulated by the EPA or the DEP in a given state and in Pennsylvania about 50% of private wells produce water that does not meet a primary health standard, i.e., Could Make the Well Owner Sick.  Therefore, it is up to the individual private well owner to ensure that the water is safe to consume and use.  In addition, the regulation or licensing of water treatment specialists is not via a state licensing program, but typically through an industry certification program.  This website has been up and running for over 20 years with the primary mission of providing free information on this topic to well owners.  We have had over 1,000,000 unique visitors and many private well owners from throughout the world use this portal. 

Who Pays for this Site ?  There is no charge to access the content we created or linked.  The website is totally funded by Mr. Brian Oram (ME)- No Grants, No Corporate Gifts, No Government Funding.  We do off set some of the cost for maintaining this site, by offering some affordable informational water testing kits, we are making available our new booklet,  and other products sold by others, but all the information is free and we even answer questions for free.   Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy the website.  We just added a section on case studies - we are looking for more examples.   If you can make a contribution- we would recommend sending a donation to the Carbon Waters Program a 501c3 in Pennsylvania.

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New Booklet for Private Well Owners - Focus on Groundwater Quality (Order a Hardcopy- NEW)

Drinking Water Quality Help Guide - Information to Help Fix a Problem or Concern
General Water Quality- Secondary Standards

Hard Water and Your Drinking Water
Iron and Manganese in Drinking and Tap Water
Sulfates and Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion, Well Water, Nuisance Bacteria
Rotten Egg Odors- Sulfur Bacteria, Sulfur Odors
Newest Website -Total Dissolved Solids

Bacteria and Microorganisms

Bacteria in Drinking Water
Coliform Bacteria and Health Effects
Fecal Coliform in Water
Cryptosporidium parvum
Giardia lamblia
Newest Website - Well Biofouling  - Red, Black, Green, Aqua Blue Water with Corrosion and Decreasing Well Yield
Free Report: Giardia in Drinking Water

Trace Metals of Primary Drinking Water Standards (Set for Health Reasons)

Barium and Drinking Water Quality
Lead In Drinking Water
Lithium In Drinking Water (NEW)
Nitrate Nitrite /Nitrogen Groundwater, Springs, Well Water, Spring Water
The MTBE Fact Sheet Drinking Water Issues
Atrazine in Water (updated)
Arsenic In Groundwater
Trihalomethanes and Drinking Water
(Chlorine By-Products)
Newest Website: Radon in Drinking Water 
Newest Website: Radionuclides in Water
Free Report: Lead in Drinking Water
Free Report: Nitrates in Drinking Water

Aesthetic Problems

Color, Odor, Turbidity in Drinking Water and Well Water  
Odor in Water

Corrosion - A common drinking water problem

Private Well Owner Survey for Pennsylvania - Free Program

Private Well Owner Assistance (Nationwide)- PA Citizen Groundwater / Surfacewater Database
Working Together to Track Change

For Private Well Owner Or Water Systems Outside of PA
Looking for Assistance Related to Natural Gas

New Booklet for Private Well Owners - Focus on Groundwater Quality (2012)
(Electronic Copy Online Reading Only-  NEW)


Video Section
Flowing Artesian Well Yields Over 100 gpm
Flowing Artesian Well with Iron and Acidic Water
Fractures in Bedrock Well
Well in Karst (Highly Weathered Carbonate - Sinkholes) Geology
Drilling a Groundwater Well (Auger)
Drilling Air Rotary with Slot Well Casing
How to Drill a Well (Animation)
Basic Video on Groundwater Flow
The Water Cycle
Inspection of a Water Well
Shock Well Disinfection Video
Shock Disinfect Well - I provide technical assistance
Sampling Well Water - Informational Testing Only - note you should not alcohol wipe the port until after you
 flushed the faucet and collected all other samples. Also - Wear Gloves !
Basics of Water Treatment
How Water Softeners Work
Water Softeners

Case Studies
Case Studies 1 through 4.
Case Studies 5 through 8.

Groundwater Basics

A brief explanation of Groundwater Flow
Groundwater and Drought Conditions

Our Water Library (A selection of some of the best pdf documents related to water treatment, water quality, watershed management, private wells, and much more.)
Our Powerpoint Presentation Section

Presentation on Groundwater Flow

Radon In Air
Mitigation Video

Natural Gas Development and Water Wells

Newest Website: Methane Gas and Methane Gas Migration/ Mitigation in Pennsylvania (NEW)
Newest Website:
A Well by Well Review of the Data from Dimock, Pennsylvania (NEW)
Methane in Well Water
My Video - Franklin Forks, PA
Water Testing - FracTracker- My Video(NEW)
My Video - Presentation in Brooklyn Township, PA
Video I Participated to Help Educate on Baseline Testing, Residential Well Construction, and Natural Methane Gas Sources (NEW)
My Video - The Marcellus Shale Factor- Get The Waters Tested -Presentation in Dimock, PA (NEW)
My Video- The Marcellus Shale Factor - The Q&A Section (NEW)
Unconventional Gas Well - Leaking Methane
Salt Springs in Pennsylvania - Fire Water
Methane Gas Migration at Wellhead
West Virginia Presentation - For Water Monitoring (NEW)
Pennsylvania Presentation - For Water Monitoring(NEW)
Groundwater Contamination and Natural Gas Development(NEW)
The Chain of Custody Process -
David Madeira - July 3, 2013 (B. Oram - Private Well Water
Quality in PA and Natural Gas Impacts - "Spills, More Cementing and Steel, Abandon Wells, Site Containment, and the need to switch to closed loop drilling and contained systems for flowback water.)
Panel Discussion - Water and Wellness Event in West Virgina (June 2013)  (NEW)
Natural Gas Development (Process)

Marcellus Shale Video
History of Natural Gas Development
ANGA Video (Fact Based Discussion) - I have a small section.
Well Pad Construction
Horizontal Drilling
Hydraulic Fracturing (Process)
Hydraulic Fracturing 2nd Video
Well Completion
Water Recycling (Aqua Renew)

Local /State/National Groundwater Groups

Groundwater Watchdogs / Educators

Movies and Reference Materials Related to Natural Gas Development (NEW)

Triple Divide (purchase)
Gasland I and Gasland II
(purchase related movies and others)

Truthland (Expert Interviews (full))

References on Shale Gas Development


Testing Kits - Informational Water Screening (pdf format)

Water Check with Pesticides
Radiological Testing - Uranium, Radon, Radium, and More
City Water Testing - We have a kit for YOU.
Well Water Check - Get an Annual Check UP.
Corrosion Problems - Metallic Taste, Blue Green Staining, Leaking Pipes

Online Training Courses

LEED- AP / Green Associate Training/
 Professional Development Hours Courses