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Mr. Brian Oram is a licensed professional geologist and soil scientist with over 20 years experience in applied earth and environmental sciences.  Mr. Oram has conducted research and consulting projects related to acid mine drainage ( AMD ), mine drainage, lake and stream monitoring programs, wetland creation and monitoring, filtration plant performance evaluations, testing new point of use water treatment devices and systems, hydrogeological evaluations, geological investigations, soils testing, soil morphological evaluations, water well drilling and construction, drinking water testing, mail order water testing kit program, and land reclamation. Mr. Oram has also been involved with Citizen Monitoring and other Environmental Training Programs for groups within the United States, Europe, and even the former Soviet Union.   The following are some of the powerpoint presentations for projects that I have completed or assisted.

Available Power Point Presentations

Note: Website is maintained by Mr. Brian Oram and
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not the opinion of any other organization, University, or third party

Lehigh valley Clean Water Summit
 Sourcewater Protection - Maintaining the Balance (9/2011) (1 mb)

New  December 6, 2012, Izaak Walton League of America -
Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus
Shale Factor (Washington, PA) -
Presentation (pdf) - Methane Website / Citizen Database.

PA State Nursing Association - Marcellus Shale -
Unearthing Environmental Health Issues for Nurses(pdf of event)-
"Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus Shale Factor -
October 7, 2011- Link to Event.  Notes for Nurses - Final Presentation New

New Wayne County Task Force 11/18/2011-
Methane Gas Migration - Link to Local Story.

New Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus Shale Factor -
An Industry Perspective. November 4, 2011 - 9:00 - Noon -
Hosted by Wilkes University - Webinar Will Be Available.

November 14 and November 15, 2011 - 2011 Private Well Symposium - The importance for Fixing Private Wells in Pennsylvania - The Marcellus Shale Factor-
Concurrent Session 3: Hydrofracturing and Its Impact on Groundwater (November 14, 2011 - 3:30 to 5:00 pm)- pdf version of presentation

"Getting the Waters Tested- Working as a Community" -
Dimock PA - Feb. 2, 2012 - - 6:00 - 8:00 pm- Host Enough is Enough
Presentation Video (Q/A Session)-    Presentation Video

"Getting the Waters Tested - An Industry Perspective" -
PIOGA Winter Conference - Feb. 8, 2012.

Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus Shale Factor -
An Industry Perspective and How to Work With Private Well Owners
and the Community
. March 9, 2012- 9:00 - Noon -
Hosted by Wilkes University 

resentation - PWEA Conference on Marcellus Shale - March 16, 2012.

Groundwater / Private Well Owner Education Events in Lackawanna County, PA - Event 1,
Event 2 (March 20, 2012), and Event 3 (April 24, 2012)

Marcellus Shale for Young Adults (pdf) -
Presentation for DCNR (March 2012)

Marcellus Shale 201 -Lackawanna College-
Outreach to Citizens and Private Well Owners - April 2012

Fact Based Presentation for Girl Scouts in
Carbon County, PA and Carbon County Groundwater Guardians- Marcellus Shale - Water Issues, Groundwater Quality, and Private Wells (May 2012)

November 9, 2012 - Soils - Soil Morphology and Stormwater and Wastewater Management - Continuing Education Course taught by Mr. Brian Oram at Wilkes University, plus handouts on Confined Space issues and Alternative Septic Systems)

November 3, 2012 - Getting the Waters Tested - Working as a Community to Track Change  in Corry, PA - This was an education event that was sponsored by the Brokenstraw Watershed Council, Caldwell Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited and B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc. 
Color Pdf of presentation 
New .

August 5, 2012 - Presentation on Black Shale Unconventional Gas in Lithuania - Lessons Learned in the United States - Presented to Simonas Satunas - Deputy Chief of Mission and Evaldas Stankevicius - First Lithuanian Cultural Attache to the United States, Scranton Chamber, and Local Watershed Groups.   The event ended with a tour of natural gas drilling and development activities in Susquehanna County, PA.

Franklin Forks, PA - Introduction to Groundwater, Private Wells, Groundwater Quality, The Citizens Database, and Methane Gas Migration - Working as a Community to Make Positive Change, June 2012.

Nature Abounds - Meeting, QA Session, and Dialogue about Private Wells, Marcellus Shale Drilling, Toured a Local Well Site and More- The Forest Summit.

Internal Project -ON-GOING-
A Fact Based Well by Well Review of the EPA Data for Dimock, PA.

Getting the Waters Tested -Marcellus Shale Factor
(Columbia County)
March 2011

New Maintaining the Cycle - Development, Water Reuse, Rain Gardens
Completing the Circle - Carbon County Rain Barrel Workshop
- March 2011

Introduction and the Homeowner Outreach and Assistance Program
for Private Well Owners (Introduction - Local Geology - Groundwater)-
March 2011 Monroe County, PA

Getting the Waters Tested - The Marcellus Shale Factor
Geology/Hydrology Northeast PA, Private Well Construction, Existing Problems,
The Citizen Groundwater / Surfacewater Database
Baseline Testing, What is Chain-of-Custody
Presented at Schuylkill Watershed Congress (PA) (color pdf) March 2011

The Marcellus Shale Factor - Training Program for Professionals
On Private Wells, Water Quality in NEPA, Regional Water Quality Database, Recommendations, and
the Chain of Custody Process
(color pdf, black/white pdf) Feb 2011

The Marcellus Shale Factor - Private Wells, Baseline Testing
Preliminary Results and Working as a Community
(Presented at the Eastern Regional Water Quality Association Meeting - Nov. 2010)

North Lake Presentation by Dr. Michael Case and Joel Antolik
(July 2009 - edited August 2010- by Dr. Case)

 Harveys Lake Watershed - Private Well Status - Baseline Testing Marcellus
What Testing May be Warranted?
August 2010

2010 MECC Workshop (Municipality, Engineer, Contractor
Conservation Awareness Workshop)- August 2010

Baseline Water Testing - Columbia, Luzerne, Susquehanna,
Bradford and Wyoming County, PA (pdf)(August 2010)

 Birchwood Community Presentation (August 2010)

Baseline Water Testing - Regional Water Quality, Geology
Northeastern Pennsylvania, Marcellus Shale Development,
and Working as a Community
  (July 2010)

The Value of Water - The True Cost of Bottled Water and Tap Water

 Luzerne County - Getting the Waters Tested (pdf) (June 2010)

 Soils Training for Wilderness Camp - Local RC&D Council (July 2010)

2010 Watershed Summit Presentation C-SAW Program
Free Assistance to Watersheds(May 2010) (ppt)
pdf file - Presentation

Back Mountain Community Partnership Presentation (Feb 2010)
pdf file - Presentation Color
Pdf file - Presentation 3 slide Handout

 Land Trust Presentation Related to Marcellus Shale - Feb 2010
pdf file - Land Trust Presentation

Geology and Hydrology Columbia and Luzerne County(2010) (Pdf color)
Presented in Columbia County

Geology and Hydrology Columbia and Luzerne County(2010) (Pdf color)
Presented in Luzerne County (April 20, 2010)
Lehman Fire Hall- updated presentation
Fuel for Schools Program (Biomass Heating Systems) -
Presentation Updated by Brian Oram
(Presentation at 2nd Annual NEPA Green Exchange)
pdf file - Fuel for Schools

Back Mountain Community Partnership Presentation (2009)
pdf file - Back Mountain Community Partnership

Birchwood Lakes - Pike County Presentation (2009)- Part I (pdf)
Birchwood Lakes - Pike County Presentation (2009)- Part II (pdf)

Luzerne County Presentation to Royalty Owner Group on Baseline
Water Testing, Private Well Construction, and Routes of Contamination because
Of Poorly Constructed Private Wells
 (2009)- pdf

Carbon County Groundwater Presentation (2008)
Groundwater Resource Management Issues for Carbon County

Carbon Carbon County Presentation (2008)
Wellhead Protection Related Issues

Birchwood Lakes - Pike County Presentation (2008)
pdf file - Birchwood Presentation

Carbon County- Water Resource Planning(6/2008)
Carbon County- Water Resource Planning (pdf)

The Groundwater Flow Model (New 2007 !)
Groundwater Flow Model (color pdf)

Solar Pasteurization - Education Module (New 2007 !)
Solar Pasteurization (color pdf)

Carbon County Groundwater Wellhead Protection

Carbon County- Need for Groundwater Availability Analysis (10/2007)
Carbon County- Need for Groundwater Availability Analysis (pdf)

Wellhead Plan Development Poconos Region (updated 7/2005)

Paradise Creek (Data Gap Analysis) - Presentation 1
Paradise Creek (Data Gap and GIS Analysis)-Presentation 2

Well Construction and Location (Private Well Owner) (updated 7/2005)
Water Treatment for Private Wells
Private Well Owner Information- PA Perspective

Private Well Owner Information 
 PA Perspective (updated 7/2005)

Presentations Related to Stormwater Issues

Soils Infiltration
Introduction to Soil Science
Soils Presentation (Feb 2005)

Non-Point Source Pollution

The Water Cycle

Master Well Owner Presentations (unedited)

Water Conservation
Policy(Where do we go?) and Landuse 

Homeowners Get Your Water Tested as 
Part of Our Private Well Owner Drinking Water Testing Program


For More information, please contact:

 Attn: Mr. Brian Oram, Professional Geologist (PG)
Water Research Center
B.F. Environmental Consultants Inc.
15 Hillcrest Drive
Dallas, PA 18612

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